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Levels of Cover on Car hire excess waiver insurance

The policy below details the levels of cover and amounts you claim if you have an issue whilst renting a vehicle.

Excess reimbursement: 

Covers for any physical loss or damage to the rental vehicle for which you are responsible. This includes loss or damage to windscreens or windows, roof, tyres and the under body, fire, theft, vandalism and loss of use of the rental vehicle. Includes £500 towing costs

Damage cover: 

Damage not included within CDW cover-We will reimburse you for any costs you have to pay for: • the repair, replacement and fitting of the windshield or glass on the Rental Vehicle if it is accidentally damaged or broken; • the repair of light damage to the Rental Vehicle, including chips, cracks; or • the repair of accidental damage to the roof or undercarriage of the Rental Vehicle

Wheels and Tyres: 

We will reimburse you for any costs you have to pay for: • The repair or replacement of any wheels or tyres that are damaged as a result of a puncture to the Rental Vehicles wheels or tyres.

Rental Key Cover: 

We will reimburse you for any costs you have to pay for : • replacing a lost or stolen rental vehicle key (including locksmith charges and key delivery costs). Please note that you are not covered for any costs incurred in relation to any replacement locks. You must follow the guidelines prescribed by the rental company.

Personal Possessions: 

If your personal possessions are damaged as a result of an accident involving the Rental Vehicle or are lost as a result of the theft of the Rental Vehicle, we will pay for the cost of their repair or replacement. Please note that theft of personal possessions will only be covered if the Rental Vehicle is stolen at the same time and there is no cover for loss or damage to personal possessions which are taken from (or are attempted to be taken from) the Rental Vehicle.

Hired Items: 

We will reimburse you for any costs you have to pay for the theft or damage to additional hire items which are hired as part of the Vehicle Rental Agreement including: • GPS, • child seats & • toll passes.

Roadside Assistance: 

If the Rental Vehicle is damaged and cannot be driven as a result of an accident or misfuelling, we will reimburse you the cost of call-out, towing, up to one hour’s labour costs at the roadside and the reasonable cost of an international telephone call necessary to: • make the vehicle roadworthy or to transport it to a local garage for repair. Please note: Where assistance is required following the misfuelling of the Rental Vehicle, we will only pay for its recovery to a local garage. You will be responsible for any flushing of the fuel system or damage to the Rental Vehicle and you will not be able to claim under any other section of this policy for this work.


We will reimburse you for any costs reasonably charged by the Car Hire Company which are associated with them processing your claim for damage to the Rental Vehicle following an accident. These costs include, but are not limited to, handling fees, carriage fees, postal fees, collision fees, administration fees or anything of a similar nature.

Drop off / Relocation: 

You are covered for any drop off charges you incur in the event of an accident that necessitates the relocation of a vehicle from the accident site, depot or towing destination, to another destination chosen by the rental company at their discretion.


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